Presented by: We Care About Kids
Directed by: Allan Rich
Produced by: Michael Schroeder and Grant Gilmore
Character’s Name: Howkan

Michael co-starred in this 25-minute film with well-known Lakota actor and activist Russell Means. It was sponsored by We Care About Kids, a non-profit company based in California which was created, with strong support from the Hollywood community, to overcome intolerance through the arts. The film has been made available for presentation to schools around the United States.

Adapted from the 1902 short story by Jack London (the famed author of such classics as “The Call of the Wild”), this film deals with the trial of an elderly warrior named Imber (Means) who is accused of murder. Michael portrays Imber’s nephew Howkan, a young Indian educated by missionaries. He serves as interpreter for Imber who speaks no English.

Michael writes, “I worked on this project as part of a special SAG agreement, wherein all participants including crew worked for free because we liked the project so much. It was definitely a labor of love. The film was produced as part of an anti-racist campaign by ‘We Care About Kids.’ It is run by well-known actor Allan Rich, who acted as producer and director for the film, as well as playing the judge in the film. We made it in Big Bear, California in the late spring of 1998. It only took about 4 or 5 days to film the whole project. It was a wonderful experience and I think the film turned out very well.”

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