Trimark Pictures
Director: Tamra Davis
Character’s Name: Hank Elkrunner

U.K. Title: “The Wonder of Sex””Skipped Parts,” filmed on location in Michael’s home province of Saskatchewan, is adapted from the novel of the same name, part of the GroVont trilogy by author Tim Sandlin. It is set in Wyoming, in 1963. An impetuous, free-spirited young mother, Lydia Callahan (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh), and her 14-year-old son Sam (Bug Hall) are banished to the rural town of GroVont by her domineering father because of her transgressions. It is a coming-of-age story dealing with the love between young Sam and his classmate Maurey (Mischa Barton), and how they have to take responsibility for their actions, in contrast to the more irresponsible adults around them.It is said that opposites attract. The wild Lydia loves to curse, smoke, drink and party. She meets a quiet, confident Blackfeet rodeo rider named Hank Elkrunner (played by Michael Greyeyes). Despite their many differences, they fall in love. Hank brings a sense of stability and calm to the turbulent lives of Lydia and Sam, as they all gradually become a family. Michael’s fine performance in this film is warm, humourous and multifaceted.(Some of this information is from

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