Q: Even though you are no longer dancing ballet professionally, do you still take classes to keep in shape? What is your favourite way to exercise nowadays? Would you ever consider starting a school for Native American students to learn ballet or would you teach it in the far future?

Dale H.A: I used to take an odd class now and then for a few years after I retired, but I don’t take class anymore. Instead I go to the gym and lift weights and use the exercise bike and elliptical trainer. I used to do Pilates, which is really amazing, but I don’t have the time to pursue it any more. I recommend it to anyone interested in getting fit (but it’s expensive!). As for teaching–I used to teach ballet at CIT in Toronto when Carol Greyeyes was the Artistic Director, but since then I haven’t had the opportunity. CIT (Centre for Indigenous Theatre) is a training centre for native actors, but they incorporated dance as part of the curriculum, and I was invited to be a guest teacher. I loved the students, but being away from home to teach them in Toronto was tough and it became too difficult to co-ordinate it with my schedule. Who knows, maybe another opportunity will come around again.

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