Michael Greyeyes is a Canadian actor, director, writers, and educator

Michael Greyeyes is a Canadian actor, director, writers, and educator, charged with portraying Qaletaqa Walker on the series Fear The Walking Dead.

Michael was born in the small town of Saskatchewan, Canada, where he completed his Master of Fine Arts in the School of Theater and Dance at Kent State University as the top student in the class. In addition to being a graduate of the National Ballet School in 1984, Michael gave up his passion for ballet to become a choreographer at the Eliot Feld Company in New York. Upon abandoning dance altogether, Michael found his taste for acting in 1993, beginning his artistic career playing Juh in the film Geronimo, and his passion for acting led him to found the Signal Theater, a company seeking intercultural performance. and live transdisciplinary.

Michael married actress Nancy Latoszewski where they had two children named Eva and Lilia.

Selected Filmography

Among his most outstanding works are television series such as Saints & Strangers, The Jury, Numb3rs, among others; and films like The New World, The Battle of Passchendaele, Crazy Horse among others.

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