Hugh Jackman had a “hard time” on the set of X-Men

Hugh Jackman had a "hard time" on the set of X-Men

Anna Paquin (Rogue) also confessed that the actor was her best friend during the filming of the mutant movie.

You can’t become the toughest character in an entire franchise without – as the saying goes – “breaking some eggs.” In the late 1990s, an unknown Australian actor landed one of the leading roles in a movie that, eventually morphing into a series, catapulted him to fame. The feature film in question was X-Men (2000) and that actor was, of course, the now famous Hugh Jackman . However, it seems that playing Wolverine memorably brought with it some particularly dire situations on the film set.

In a recent interview, actress Anna Paquin – who played Rogue in X-Men and its sequels – revealed that for Hugh Jackman, shooting the very first mutant movie wasn’t always like taking a walk in the park. On the other hand, this would not have diminished the friendly and positive attitude of the Australian.

” They gave him a hard time in the first [film] and he never complained, ” commented the Canadian actor ( via ). “It was minus four [degrees Celsius] and he was being thrown backwards from a building over and over again. And I still had all the time in the world to be a nice, normal person .

Paquin also revealed that Jackman was “definitely my best friend” during the filming of that Bryan Singer-directed movie, as a result of the two sharing a huge amount of scenes. Needless to remember that X-Men puts a lot of emphasis on the relationship – it can be said of father and daughter – that little by little is solidifying between Wolverine and Rogue. That on-screen closeness would have been just as palpable behind the scenes.

” Hugh was the closest person to me because I had all my scenes with him and he is just wonderful, ” added the Oscar winner. “We spent a lot of time together in the first [movie] and he’s still a lovely and kind human being.”

The actress also recalled that, due to this proximity on set, she herself had to help Jackman between takes to remove her character’s characteristic cigar from his mouth. This happened when the actor wore the claws of Wolverine, since then he could not do anything with his hands “without causing personal harm”, in the words of Paquin.

We will see Anna Paquin soon in the new season of the Prime Video anthology series Modern Love . On the other hand, among Hugh Jackman’s upcoming projects, the new film by Florian Zeller (director of The Father ) and a biopic about Enzo Ferrari stand out .

At the same time, we are waiting to discover how the Marvel Cinematic Universe will include the X-Men in the multi-million dollar superhero franchise. Months ago, rumors came in about a tentative title for the Mutants movie in the MCU. Come here to read the full note.

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