TNT Production
Directed by: Roger Young

Character’s Name: JuhA senseless tragedy thrusts a young Apache into history in the true, awe-inspiring adventure of the last and most feared frontier warrior. This thrilling tale of superhuman courage and grace features an all-Native American cast and provides a revealing glimpse into Native American life.Michael says, “This was my first film. It was so exciting to be on a movie set. I didn’t know really what the hell was going on, so I kept my mouth shut and watched and listened. I learned a lot this way. The film was about the life of Geronimo and how the encroachment of the Mexicans and then the American settlers turned him from a simple family man into someone who had to devote his life to protecting his community. It was a beautiful movie that showed a lot of the women in the Apache community. Women weren’t in the background in real life and this film attempted to show that side of it – sadly, one of the few native-themed films made in Hollywood. I’ll never forget my first day on that film. I was so nervous that when it was my turn to speak my first line, it only came out as a whisper. The director yelled, ‘CUT!,’ and said, ‘Okay, let’s do it again!’ Then he came up to me and said, ‘That was good. Next time try to say it a little louder.’ I laugh about it now.”

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