Black Widow: Red Guardian and Captain America, did it really happen? [SPOILER]

Domenico Misciagna

by Domenico MisciagnaJuly 13, 202114

Pressed on the truth behind an episode told by Red Guardian in Black Widow about Captain America, actor David Harbor has his say … do you believe it? What’s wrong?

Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe , every line can become the subject of theories for fans: even more so if in a scene of Black Widow , en passant, the character of Red Guardian alias David Harbor says he collided with Captain America in the 1980s , asking Natasha / Scarlett Johansson if Steve Rogers ever told her. Now, there’s an obvious problem: We know Rogers hibernated for 70 years until the first decade of 2000, when he woke up, at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger.(2011). Ergo, Alexei Shostakov is shooting her big … and it wouldn’t be a surprise, given the character. However, Inverse did not accept the simple explanation and asked David Harbor directly, who replied:In my opinion the things he says are 100% true! Part of the fun of playing Alexei is that you don’t care about reality anymore, because 

he doesn’t even know he’s lying . Sometimes as an actor you have to know how things really are, because you have to know if your character is lying. But Alexei simply believes what she says is true. […]Sometimes people become convinced of their lies to the point that, even when they face reality, they cannot elaborate it. It makes no sense to them. In my opinion Alexei is a bit like that. 

He lives in a reality that is completely independent from what other people know.

Red Guardian vs Captain America: it would only be possible if …

In short, Harbor has confirmed that Alexei also tells lies to himself, which is also understandable by seeing Black Widow . Of course, however, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting us used to continuous surprises , parallel realities and who knows what else, after the follies of Loki and the multiverse that will invest us in Spider-Man: No Way Home at Christmas. The fact that Harbor did not ask himself the problem, given Alexei’s character, does not exclude that in the Eighties there could have been another Steve Rogers , an alternative Captain America. We are in the world of cinecomic, there is a goose that lays golden eggs: bending time and space, a way to explain it “logically” would be found, we don’t doubt it! It’s hard to understand what’s going on in Kevin Feige’s head

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