‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Tom Hiddleston reveals Loki’s “poignant” thoughts before his death

The god of mischief died asphyxiated by Thanos at the beginning of the film directed by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo. What did Thor’s brother think of when he was trying to trick the Mad Titan?

The god of deception has returned to the lives of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Loki , the Disney + fiction about the character played by Tom Hiddleston . As you may recall, the Mickey Mouse House streaming platform series follows the version of Thor’s brother ( Chris Hemsworth ) who fled with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame . In the predecessor of this latest installment, Avengers: Infinity War , Loki was killed by Thanos ( Josh Brolin ) right at the beginning of the film directed by the brothersJoe  and Anthony Russo . Now, thanks to Hiddleston, fans of the franchise can know what was going through the head of the god of mischief in those moments when he tried to deceive the Mad Titan. 

“I think that whole scene is overwhelmingly terrifying for Thor and Loki,” the actor begins on CB . “He has seen Thor in difficult situations before, but he has always trusted that his brother would find a way out. In that moment he knows that if he does nothing his brother will die at the hands of Thanos. When he begins to speak for the first time I think he is alone buying time. He is improvising, “he continues. 

Ultimately, Loki tried to play the only card he had knowing that his idea might not turn out as he expected. “Afterwards, I think he realized: ‘I only have one chance at this and it may not work, but at least I will have saved my brother and I will have fallen fighting,” he adds. “I have always found it very moving that when he is introducing himself he says: ‘I, Loki of Jötunheimr, prince of Asgard, god of deception, son of Odin…’. He calls himself son of Odin.” 

“The fact that he calls himself that and looks at Thor, I find it very moving. So, yeah, I think at that moment what I suppose is going through Loki’s head is: ‘Damn. , it did not work, “he concludes. 

The sacrifice of Loki at the beginning of Infinity War puts the finishing touch to the evolution of the character. The God of Mischief began as a villain until, through the different installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans saw that, in reality, the term they referred to Loki had to change. Maybe “antihero” is something more akin to the nature of the character, especially with the version that stars in the Loki series . However, his sacrifice at the hands of Thanos so that his brother Thor could buy time, undoubtedly makes him one more hero . 

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